Shortlisted Email Template

Free Simple Shortlisted Template for Job Applications.


Sending a simple shortlisted email doesn’t take up too much of your time but can be very effective in your online recruiting.

After paying for a 28-day job advert and receiving a suitable candidate on the first day, would you close the job and hire the candidate? Probably not, but you wouldn’t just ignore them either and risk losing them to a different vacancy.

Therefore, it’s wise to send a shortlisted email to the applicant, letting them know, you have looked at their CV and they have been shortlisted as suitable.

This doesn’t need to be complicated, just a simple email. You can copy the one below and just replace what’s in the square brackets with your information.


Dear [candidate],


Thank you for applying to our position. We have received your CV and shortlisted your application as suitable for this role.

After, we have reviewed all applications for this position, we may be in contact to discuss a potential interview.

Vacancy closing date: [date]

Kind Regards,

[Your Name],




Using our services?

When using the Post My Job email feature within the job dashboard, you can use the tag @@candidatename in your templates and when you send bulk emails to a group you have saved it will automatically fill in the candidate’s name.

If your advertising multiple jobs, then the @@jobtitle, will also come in handy when emailing applicants.