Questions You Should Be Asking Your Interviewer

In a job interview it shouldn’t just be the interviewer asking all the questions, otherwise the company will just assume that you’re not interested in the position.

The interview isn’t just for the company to see if you’re the right candidate for them but also for you to see if the company is right for you.

Let’s start off with the questions that you probably shouldn’t be asking straight away.

  • How long is lunch?
  • How many holidays do you get?
  • What are the perks of working here?
  • Is the salary negotiable?

As much as the questions matter to you, it’s probably a good idea to wait until you have been offered the job before you ask them and start to negotiate. You don’t want to come across like that’s all you’re concerned about and have no actual interest in the job itself.

Now we know what questions not to ask our interviewer, let’s talk about…

Questions to ask the interviewer

The best time to start asking your interviewer questions is towards the end of the interview. After the interviewer, has asked you their questions, talked about the job role and company it’s time to ask some questions. OK, so what questions do we ask them and why?

What? Ask questions about the role, company and details that they give you during the interview.

Example of questions to ask:

  • I am very interested in the job position and think I can be successful here, do you think I have right skill set and experience to fit the role?
  • If I was offered the job, what would I expect in my first week and what preparation could I do?
  • Is support available for staff who want to gain or further a skill?
  • How do you think my interview went, is there any area of concern?
  • I am confident that I will do a great job and I’m impressed with your company, when can I expect to hear back from you?

Why? These questions show that your thinking about the future of your career at the company and that you’re interested in working with them.

Asking questions about the details that they give you during the interview will also show that you listened and understand them. Show that you are confident in taking on the role and you want to know more about the company.

Top tips: Asking questions to the interviewer

Remember the following tips when asking questions in your interview:

  • Wait until you have been offered the job before asking questions about the salary, holidays and perks.
  • Wait until the interviewer has asked you their questions first.
  • Show that you understand and confirm that you listened to them.
  • Ask them about the day to day tasks of the role and confirm you’re confident to do them.
  • Close with telling them you’re really interested in the company and want to know when you will expect to hear back from them.

Asking the right questions and showing you’re interested in the job will be a great contribution to a successful interview.