Master The Interview, Expert Interviewing Tips

Whether you have just got a new interview or whether you’re just planning in advance, mastering the interviewing stage is key to landing that dream job.

We believe you must first understand exactly what the employer is trying to get from the interview and what they’re looking for in your personality and skill set.

We asked a variety of expert recruiters “what do you consider important from a candidate in an interview?”

The answers that came up most:

  • Does the candidate seem confident?
  • How would the candidate deal with pressure?
  • Would the candidate be a good fit with the rest of the team?
  • Has the candidate shown an interest in the company and done research?
  • Was the candidate on time and well represented?

Other questions that came up:

  • What is the candidate’s future career goals?
  • Did the candidate ask any questions?

Obviously, every job role will have different questions tailored to the requirements of that specific role and the interviewer will be mostly trying to see if you can do the job and if you would fit in with the rest of team but you should always be prepared for every question and level of standard from an interview.

Interviewing Tips

(1) Research

You must do your research every time you have an interview. Find out about the company you’re researching, you can do this by going on their website and looking at the ‘services’ and ‘about us’ page.

Another good place to look is their social media pages.

(2) Practice

Prepare yourself for the interview and practice at home before you go. Ask yourself the questions you think you would get asked and make sure you know the answers and would be confident in telling them.

Write down a list of everything you’re good at and why you would make a good match for their job role.

(3) Body Language

Body language is one of the very first things people notice when meeting new people and it’s even more important when it comes to interviewing. Be confident, relaxed and keep a good body posture.

(4) Don’t Give Up!

Think of what a driver instructor says before taking your test, they say if you see me write anything down don’t just automatically think you have failed because you could give up prematurely and end up failing because of that. It applies with interviewing, if you see somebody not take well to an answer that doesn’t mean you haven’t got the job, keep trying!