How to manage your job applications in our ATS

ATS Dashboard Guide

Jobs and Applications


Jobs –

Your full list of live and expired job vacancies.

Live Job Options:



This will open the job form for you to edit your job vacancy.

Job edits will be sent directly to your account manager to make live on the job board sites. You can also change your ‘application email’, where you receive your notifications.


This will remove the apply button from the job vacancy and replace it with a message informing the applicant that the role has been filled. Useful, if you would like to stop applications coming through and let any future applicants know the role has been filled.


This will make a copy of your job vacancy and re-direct to the job posting page. Useful, if you are posting the same role in different locations or if you would like to re-use the same job advert you have created previously.


This will remove the job vacancy from the dashboard. If you have accidently deleted a job, please contact us.


Expired Job Options:


This will copy an expired job and re-direct you to the posting page so you can relist your job vacancy.


This will remove the job vacancy from the dashboard.


Applications –

Click on ‘Show ()’. This is the number of job applications you have for that vacancy, shown in the brackets.

This will open a list of job applications for that vacancy.

Job Application Options:



This will download a copy of the candidate’s CV to your desktop.


View the CV online without needing to download the document. Useful, if you want to check the CV is relevant for your job role before downloading.


This will open YOUR email client such as Outlook and prefill the ‘to’ field with the candidate’s email.


This will remove the job vacancy from the dashboard.

Edit Status Options:



You can edit the status of your job vacancy to one of the options in the drop-down box. This is so you easily shortlist candidates, by using the filters to find them later.


If you have created a template in Email Templates for your application status, you can tick this box and automatically send the candidate an email with your template.

For example:

Go to Email Templates tab > Edit Template ‘Not Suitable’ > Change Application Status to ‘Not Suitable’ > Tick the box > Save Changes.


You can privately rate the candidate even further by using the star rating feature. This is useful if you have a few shortlisted candidates and would like to rate them out of 5 stars, so it’s easier to see which candidate(s) you thought was best later.

Status, Rating and Date are all listed on the bottom of the job applicant box.



A private note regarding the application.


Schedule Interview:

You can schedule a video, telephone or in person job interview with a candidate.

A full guide on our ATS Interview Feature can be found here.


Send Email:

Send an email from our website to the candidate. You can create a new email or use one of your saved templates.

A full guide on our ATS Email Feature can be found here.



This will show you the source of the job application, original email and the candidate’s cover note (if submitted).


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