LinkedIn Job Slots VS Job Board Advertising

LinkedIn Job Slots VS Job Board Advertising


Online recruitment advertising is one of the best ways to fill vacancies. There are multiple ways you can approach online recruitment, however. Two of the main strategies are to use job boards or LinkedIn Job Slots:


  • Job boards – websites that potential candidates use to find and apply for current vacancies
  • LinkedIn Job Slots – LinkedIn’s paid for recruitment product that targets users of its platform


Which should you choose – advertising on job boards or creating a Job Slots campaign?


The Benefits of Job Board Advertising


  • Find active job seekers – people actively looking for a new position regularly visit job boards. They also use the various tools that job boards provide such as email notifications and CV uploads.


  • Wide reach – you’ll get a wide audience for your vacancy because job boards are extensively used by people actively looking for a new position


  • Quick results – again, because the audience on job boards includes active job seekers, your vacancy will generate applications quickly. How quickly will depend on the vacancy and how you promote it on the job board, but job boards often get results faster than other options.


  • Value for money – compared to other methods of advertising a vacancy or finding suitable candidates, job boards are value for money.


The Benefits of LinkedIn Job Slots


  • Targeting – LinkedIn uses its algorithm and the information people post to their LinkedIn profiles to match potential candidates with your vacancy. This targeting often generates higher quality applications.


  • Find passive candidates – there are people suitable for your vacancies but who are not actively looking for another job. In other words, they don’t visit job boards or speak to recruitment agencies. This doesn’t mean they won’t be interested in your vacancy. LinkedIn is the best way to reach this type of candidate.


  • Find active candidates – people actively looking for another position don’t just look on job boards to find opportunities. They use LinkedIn too as they know companies like yours use it. As a result, you’ll find active candidates on LinkedIn.


  • Not vacancy based – with Job Slots, you get a slot on LinkedIn which lasts up to 28 days. You can use this for multiple vacancies if you choose, swapping the vacancies as appropriate. This can be more cost-effective than vacancy-based advertising.


Differences Between Job Boards and Job Slots


There are differences between the way job boards and LinkedIn Job Slots work, but the main difference you should consider when thinking which to use is traffic, i.e. they both have a different audience.


Job boards are excellent at attracting active job seekers while LinkedIn Job Slots is your best option for targeting passive candidates. The type of role is also important – some work better on one platform than the other.


An Integrated Approach


So, which should you use: job boards or LinkedIn Job Slots? In fact, you should use both. In other words, you should approach online recruitment advertising in the same way you approach other forms of advertising, i.e. you should use multiple channels to get the widest reach, to target the best audience, and to improve ROI.


An integrated approach to recruitment advertising using both job boards and LinkedIn Job Slots will generate the best results for your business.


For both options, we have a Premium Package available that advertises your job to over 8 of the UK’s largest job boards and LinkedIn Job Slots.