LinkedIn Job Slots – Why we think it’s the best recruiting tool

LinkedIn Job Slots – Why we think it’s the best recruiting tool


LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals. In fact, over 80 percent of professionals in the UK use the platform to network and to stay up-to-date with industry news and thinking. Crucially, they also use LinkedIn to advance their careers by highlighting their skills and experience. Many people also find job opportunities on LinkedIn – they find these opportunities via ads on LinkedIn Job Slots.


LinkedIn’s user base and those users’ reasons for being on the platform are why we believe Job Slots is the best recruitment tool you have available. Let’s explore this in a bit more detail.


What is LinkedIn Job Slots?


LinkedIn Job Slots is a paid recruitment advertising product. It works on a slot basis rather than a vacancy basis. This means you can post one vacancy to a slot, fill it, then use the slot for another vacancy. The slot lasts for up to 28 days. This is different to job credits advertising which is vacancy-based, i.e. the ad expires when you fill the vacancy. In other words, Job Slots is more value for money.


In simple terms, you post your vacancy and LinkedIn displays that vacancy to its users. It’s how LinkedIn does this that makes it such a powerful tool.


Firstly, it’s algorithm matches your requirements with the profiles of its users. This includes their location, skills, and experience. In other words, it targets users which it thinks will be interested in your vacancy.


LinkedIn then displays your vacancy in multiple ways. This ensures maximum exposure to your target audience. Your vacancy will be seen:


  • In the “Jobs you may be interested in” section at the top of users’ homepages
  • On LinkedIn’s main Jobs homepage
  • In the careers section of your business LinkedIn page
  • In emails sent to targeted users highlighting “Jobs you may be interested in”


Benefits of LinkedIn Job Slots


  • Target potential candidates with the right skills – LinkedIn’s algorithm is good at selecting the right people to display your vacancy too. As a result, you’ll get a better ROI as you are essentially only paying to advertise to individuals who could potential do the job.


  • Advertise multiple vacancies – as it is a slot rather than a credit, you can advertise multiple vacancies.


  • Advertise to active candidates – professionals know LinkedIn is a great place to find a new job. If a person is actively looking for a new position, they will turn to LinkedIn to find opportunities.


  • Advertise to passive candidates – the two benefits above are powerful on their own, but this is the one that really sets LinkedIn apart from the competition. After all, there are lots of platforms you can use to target active job seekers. What about passive candidates, though? In other words, those not currently looking for a new position but who could be tempted if the right opportunity becomes available. Using LinkedIn Job Slots is the best way to target passive candidates.


  • Multiple touchpoints – the multiple touchpoints that LinkedIn uses to display your ad increases its exposure to the target audience.


  • Useful analytics – LinkedIn’s analytics tools let you monitor and improve the performance of your Job Slots vacancies.


  • Manage applicants within the platform – you can manage applicants to your vacancy without leaving LinkedIn


The user base that LinkedIn offers, the way it displays your vacancies, and the ability to target passive but suitable candidates are why you should use Job Slots for your recruitment campaigns.

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