Job Advertising – How to get prepared for 2018

Job Advertising – How to get prepared for 2018


The recruitment landscape is constantly changing. This presents challenges and opportunities if you’ll be recruiting during 2018. Here’s what we expect to happen in 2018 as well as some things you can do to attract the best talent.


Get Creative to Attract Talent


Posting a vacancy in the right place and having an attractive salary is no longer enough to be successful in recruitment. This applies in almost all sectors and job roles but it’s particularly important if you’re recruiting in-demand talent. To be successful, you need clear strategies and policies to attract and retain talent.


This means focusing on employee benefits and wellbeing. Examples include strategies that actively promote physical and mental health, team building programmes, flexible working policies, upskilling opportunities, and more. These initiatives make your company stand out. In fact, a focus on employee benefits and wellbeing can help you win talent even when up against a competitor paying a higher salary.


There are two more tips with this point. The first is the initiatives you put in place must be driven at board level to ensure their effective implementation. Also, make sure your recruitment ads and vacancy descriptions include details of the initiatives so candidates understand what you’re offering.


Plan Ahead


Dealing with a competitive recruitment market requires you to plan as much as possible. You may not know all the vacancies you’ll have to recruit for in 2018, but you should make as good an estimate as possible. You should also have a clear plan in place for how you’ll recruit whenever you do have vacancies. This is much more effective than finding yourself in a position of having a vacancy and only then deciding on how you’ll fill it. This approach leads to knee-jerk decisions and mistakes.


Develop a Comprehensive Job Advertising Strategy


In terms of the strategy mentioned above, a comprehensive approach is the best option. This means not putting all your eggs in one basket by, for example, only relying on a recruitment agency or only posting on one job boards website. To reach the widest possible range of candidates you should spread your recruitment spend across multiple channels. This approach delivers the best return on investment.


Stay on Top of New Technologies


New technologies, tools, and recruitment options appear regularly. Some of them are more valuable than others but to stay current and relevant, you need to be aware of those that will have a positive impact on your recruitment efforts. One that is likely to change the recruitment landscape soon is Google for Jobs. It uses artificial intelligence to make it easier for job hunters to find suitable opportunities using a Google search. It is running in the US at the moment and is likely to hit the UK in 2018.


By planning ahead and being aware of things that are changing – and will change in the future – you will increase your chances of recruitment success in 2018.