Job Advert Template

Looking to write a compelling job advert that not only attracts the best talent for your vacancy but coverts your job advert views into job applications?

When creating a job advert for posting on a job board, there are two main things to think about; The candidates you are looking for and the how the job board’s algorithms work. We have explained not only how you can create a job advert that works but we have also provided a job advert template for you to use.


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Top 5 Tips to creating a job advert.



  1. Use a relevant Job Title.

The most important part of a job advert is the job title and the first paragraph, since it holds the most weight in deciding whether your job advert is going to be clicked on in the search results.

  1. Talk about the job first and the company second.

Candidates must read a lot of job adverts when they are looking for a new role, so the first thing they are doing is looking to see if the job matches their skill set and location requirements, not if the company has won an award for the best service provider last year.

  1. Use bullet points and lists.

Bullet points and lists can make the job advert much easier to read and digest, making it more likely to have candidates apply and read the entire advert.

  1. Show a salary range.

Since candidates prefer jobs that show a salary, job sites will show a vacancy much higher in the search results that have a salary displayed. We recommend using a minimum and maximum salary to get the best candidates in a different range.

  1. Be precise with location.

When posting a job online, you will see most of the job sites mention “Using a postcode will get you better results”. This is because it helps their search function serve your advert to right candidates and you should always use your postcode.


For more information on what makes a good job advert, please see our full guide here.


Top Job Advert FAQ’s


How long should a job advert be?

One page on Microsoft Word is a good indication for how long you should make your job advert. Making it too long can lose the interest of the applicant and making it too short, will not get enough details across for somebody suitable to apply.


What’s the difference between a job advert and a job description?

A job advert or also know as job posting is an advertisement for your job vacancy. A job description is more detailed and describes most of their day-to-day activities. When posting a job online, you should always use an advertisement first, then send a job description when the applicant has applied.


Should I respond to all my job advert’s applicants?

Yes. This ‘applies’ to all of them, no pun intended.  Not only is it courteous to let a non-suitable applicant know they haven’t been shortlisted but it will may save you time in the future when candidates start to call and chase their application. Also, it’s great to let shortlisted candidates know they have been considered so you don’t potentially lose top talent.


Need further help on your job advert template?

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