How to use the Interview Feature on our ATS.

ATS Dashboard Guide

Interview Feature


Schedule Interview:

On the job application, there is an option to schedule an interview with a candidate.


Choose an interview date.


Choose an interview time.


Choose an interview type, your options are Video, Telephone and In Person.

Tip: You can create email templates for your job interviews in the ‘Email Templates’ tab.


My Interviews:

This tab is located in the top menu of the job dashboard.

You can see a full list of your scheduled interviews and the interview type, date and time. If you have selected Video or Telephone Interview, you will see an option to ‘Join Session’


Both employer and candidate have access to join a session, ONLY when the interview has been scheduled and ACCEPTED by both parties.

You can use the Post My Job Interview system to Video and Telephone interview candidates through the window that will open.


This will cancel the interview.

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