How to create email templates and send them

ATS Dashboard Guide

Email Templates

This is located at the top menu of the job dashboard.

You can create and edit your templates in this tab for job status and custom templates.

Please Note: To use the email feature, you will need to be approved by your account manager. (It’s free, we just need to validate your a real company to prevent spam)

Email Templates:

There is two types of templates you can edit, save and send:


The default templates are for your application statuses and interview scheduling. If you click on ‘edit’ next to each template, a new page will open to edit and save that template.

This is for when you change an application status, for example if you saved a candidate as ‘shortlisted’, you can automatically send that candidate your shortlisted template.


If you want to create your own custom templates, you can create and edit them here.

Tip: Use the tags such as ‘@@candidatename’ in your template to address each applicant by their name when sending your templates. (Example below)

Example of Templates and Using Tags

Not Suitable


Interview Request

Send Email:

On the job application box, you have the option to send a quick email to the candidate. You can either send on of your custom templates or a new email.




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