Top 7 Tips for Advertising a Job on Indeed

Top 7 Tips for Advertising a Job on Indeed


Over 200 million people visit Indeed every day. It is also the largest jobs board in the UK, with the highest number of available jobs. How do you get the best results from advertising on Indeed? Here are our seven tips:


  1. Write a Searchable Job Title


The job title is one of the most important parts of your listing or ad. Many companies try to make their listings stand out by using unusual job titles or job titles that make the position sound like something it isn’t. You should remember, however, that Indeed is a jobs search engine. This means it has an algorithm that matches job search terms with its current listings. Your goal should be to write a job title that will be found in searches that is relevant to your vacancy.


  1. Create a Compelling Summary


When a candidate does a search on Indeed, they will see a range of potential vacancies. Those vacancies will have titles and summaries. This is the information the job seeker will use to make their decision on whether to click or not. To increase the number of clicks your listing gets, write a compelling job summary. The summary is the first two lines of your job advert. A compelling summary will include the job title, salary, and location in the first two lines.


  1. Include Your Company Name


Most job seekers want to know who is offering the job. If that information is not available, they may not apply. So to increase the number of applications you get, make sure you include your company name.


  1. Write a Detailed Job Description


Make sure you include as much information on the job as necessary. This includes the skills you require the successful candidate to have. You should also give details about the job and the responsibilities it entails. When you offer a good amount of detail about the job, candidates will be more likely to apply.


  1. Focus on the Candidate


Following on from the last point, make sure the focus of the job description is on the candidate. This means not including too much information on your company. The candidate will be interested in your company, but they are more interested in what it will be like working for you and why they should apply. Keep the focus of your job ad on this.


  1. Make the Application Process Simple


Companies have complex application processes for a number of reasons. This includes fitting the application process into an internal procedure and/or filtering out unsuitable candidates. This doesn’t really work however. In reality, complex application processes discourage job seekers from applying, including suitable candidates. So make yours as simple as possible.


  1. Use Sponsored Ads


You can post a job ad to Indeed for free. As time passes, however, fewer and fewer people will see it because it will drop down the listings, which are ordered by date. For most job roles, this happens very quickly. So the final tip on this list is to pay for sponsored ads on Indeed to keep your vacancy visible.