Top 7 tips for advertising a job on LinkedIn

Top 7 tips for advertising a job on LinkedIn


One of the best ways to fill vacant positions is to advertise a job on LinkedIn. Here are our seven LinkedIn job posting tips for success:


  1. Do Research on the Role


When you post a job on LinkedIn slots, it matches your vacancy description with the information people include on their LinkedIn profiles. You should, therefore, research people on LinkedIn who do roles similar to what you are looking for. The things you should identify are key skills and experience and the types of keywords used. Use this information to create your vacancy description.


  1. Be Active on LinkedIn


LinkedIn does a great job of getting your vacancy in front of the right people. You can help with getting their attention, however, if your brand is recognisable. This involves being active on LinkedIn. One of the best ways of doing this is by joining and participating in relevant LinkedIn groups.


  1. Write a Great Job Title


The title is the most important part of your job description as it will either generate clicks or not. Your job titles should be informative and descriptive so the people know exactly what you are looking for. Also, it’s best to stick with commonly used job titles rather than being overly creative. For example, people will search for “Marketing Manager” when looking for job opportunities on LinkedIn, but they are unlikely to search for “Marketing and Outreach Guru”. Whatever job title you choose, ensure it’s searchable.


  1. Write a Detailed Job Description


The job title gets the candidate to click but the description encourages them to apply. This means creating a well-written job description. You can do this by listing essential skills and experience as well as outlining the duties and expectations of the successful candidate.


  1. Explain Why They Should Work for Your Company


Your job description should also include information on why your company is an attractive place to work. This can include highlighting past successes and outlining the vision of the company. Also describe some of your HR policies such as flexible working opportunities, upskilling programmes, financial benefits, and more.


  1. Include a Call to Action


People are much more likely to respond to your ad if you ask them to. It sounds like a simple thing, but it’s incredibly important. If you don’t use a phrase like “apply now”, the person reading your ad is more likely to leave without applying. You want the candidate to take immediate action so tell them what you want them to do and ask them to do it immediately.


  1. Use LinkedIn’s Suggested Professionals


When you post a job vacancy, LinkedIn will show you professionals it thinks matches your criteria. You can select five to send a LinkedIn InMail message to. Go through each of the suggestions carefully to pick the five you think will be interested.


In summary, spending time on the job title and description is essential. If you get that right, you’ll get more applications and those applications will be higher-quality.

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