Top 7 mistakes recruiters make on their job adverts

Top 7 mistakes recruiters make on their job adverts – that impacts your application rate


Finding the right job advertising platforms for your vacancy is only part of the recruitment process. To be successful, you also need good job adverts. That means avoiding commonly made job advert mistakes. Here are seven you should look out for.


  1. Not Customising Job Descriptions


It’s easy to copy job descriptions from other recruiters or use templates provided by job boards. Job seekers can easily spot generic or copied job descriptions, however, so you should avoid them. That doesn’t mean you can’t use templates as the basis for your job advert. You should always customise it to your company and the specific vacancy, though.


  1. Creating Bad Job Titles and Descriptions


Poor quality job titles and descriptions will put off potential candidates and may mean your vacancy won’t be found in candidate searches. Job titles should be uncomplicated and searchable. Job descriptions should be the right length, they shouldn’t ramble, and they shouldn’t be repetitive. Cramming excessive keywords into the description is a mistake too. This may have worked in the past but it doesn’t now. Also, don’t talk too much about the company. The candidate is interested in the position so focus on that.


  1. Not Checking Spelling or Grammar


Job descriptions that have spelling or grammar mistakes are sloppy and present the wrong image for your company. So, do spelling and grammar checks, proofread the advert, and get someone else to proofread it too.


  1. Incomplete Information


Being vague with job descriptions, responsibilities, or salary puts candidates off. The idea that candidates will be enticed to find out more when they read a vague job advert is a misconception. After all, candidates don’t have the time to take a punt on an opportunity when there is a risk they’ll find out later it’s not suitable.


So, make sure you include complete information in your job adverts, insofar as is possible.


  1. Using Generic Statements and Clichés in Job Descriptions


This follows on from some of the previous points and is all about making your job advert authentic and compelling. You won’t do that by using generic statements and common job advert clichés. Instead, talk specifically about the job so the candidate has all the information they need.


  1. Not Including Benefits, Perks, and What It’s Like to Work for You


Candidates want to know what it’s like working for your company as much as they want to know about the role and salary. Give them an overview of this information in your job advert.


  1. Having a Complicated Application Process


Some companies believe having a complex application process filters out lazy and unserious candidates. The reality is complicated application processes filter out good candidates too, reducing your application rate.


In summary, you should allocate time to ensure you get your job adverts right while also making the application process quick and simple. This will pay off in a higher application rate.